• This is notarial act Docket No. 1291/1890 of Dr. Károly Weiser, royal notary in Budapest: the matrimonial property agreement of Dr. István Bittó, Hungarian Royal Prime Minister, and of his wife, Irma Bittó. The Prime Minister had been managing the separate property and dowry of his wife. In this public act, he accounted for the property entrusted to him, and was appointed to further manage it.

    Source: collection of Dr. Gábor Rokolya, notary in Budapest.

  • This is notarial act Docket No. 306/1923 of Géza Sztranyavszky, royal notary in Balassagyarmat: at the estate which had been purchased by the Hungarian State as a gift for the writer Kálmán Mikszáth, his children, Albert Mikszáth and Dr Kálmán Mikszáth, made an allocation settlement, on the grounds of which title to the estate in Horpács was transferred to Dr Kálmán Mikszáth, who shared this ownership with his wife, Lívia Földes.

    Source: collection of Dr. Gábor Rokolya, notary in Budapest.

  • These are notarial acts Docket No. 160/1925 of Dr Aladár Hedry, royal notary in Budapest: the last wills of Baron Géza Lukacich of Somorja, Lieutenant General, and of his wife.

    Will No. 160/1925: the Lieutenant General was Captain in the Battle of Doberdo during the First World War, and Knight of the Order of Maria Theresa, he and his wife made their will mutually on each other’s behalf, naming each other as general and sole heir. Preliminarily, the husband acknowledged that the acquired property belonged to them in equal shares.

    Source: collection of Dr. Gábor Rokolya, notary in Budapest.

  • Will No. 1332/1942: the only change compared to the former will is that they have itemized their property: a five-floor tenement block in the 3rd District of Budapest, located at 1 Lukács utca, a villa in Balatonakarattya, and an orchard in Rákoskeresztúr.

    Source: collection of Dr. Gábor Rokolya, notary in Budapest.

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